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At Ascend Payment Systems we're proud of the work we do. From 24/7 US based customer support, to enterprise quality solutions, to a wide range of products and services – Ascend Payments can power your small business to accept all kinds of payments, starting with credit cards.




With our Express Merchant Funding, you'll receive your deposits on the very next business day. This gives you faster access to your cash to purchase inventory, pay bills, or make payroll.

*11PM EST settlement time required


Generate more revenue and repeat clients with our Gift Card and Loyalty Card programs.  Contact us today to get pricing and more information.


Grow your business the way you want with a loan that will boost cash flow like never before! Featuring a low fixed fee and convenient payback, this loan will help you stay ahead with the capital you need on terms that are simple and easy to understand.


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Clover Mini
Accept swipe, EMV chip and contactless payments right out of the box.

Payment Ready
Accept cash and checks, mobile payments like Apple Pay®, and cards that swipe, dip and tap. Clover takes payments on the move or at the counter, safely and securely. Start building your system here.
Built Tough
Business moves fast. It can get pretty messy, too. So feel free to push your Clover to the max.
Total Control
From tracking transactions to managing inventory, you’ve got lots to get done. With Clover, you’ll have lots of ways to do it—from any device, including your computer.
Show It Off
Put Clover in your corner, but don’t hide it there. Its sleek, clean design is pleasing to the eye and made for the spotlight.



Clover Go
Your go-to, smartphone-ready system for secure credit card swipes, dips and contactless payments.

Clover Station
Our most powerful countertop POS with pivoting touchscreen and stunning looks.

Clover Mobile
The portable, powerful POS that fits in the palm of your hand.

Put Clover in your corner
Your official title might be “Owner”. But that doesn’t mean you let everyone else do all the work. Odds are, you make what you sell, hire the staff, do the books, order supplies, post to social media and sweep the floors. So when it comes to payment processing, you need a solution that’s all-purpose and dependable like you. You need Clover.

Exatouch is one of the few full-featured point of sale systems that is EMV-ready today! Our wide variety of semi-integrated, EMV-certified payment devices seamlessly integrate with Exatouch, offering more secure methods for accepting payments while enhancing the customer experience. Regardless of your business type or size, you can easily and securely accept all forms of payment through your Exatouch system, including EMV and contactless payments, such as Apple Pay™.

  Exatouch Hardware Options

  Exatouch Placement Program

Ascend Payments' Exatouch Placement Program provides a complete point of sale package with everything you need - hardware, software and ongoing support - at an affordable monthly cost. Not only will you enhance business operations with an advanced, user-friendly POS system tailored to your business, you'll enjoy significant cost savings and all Ascend Payments partner benefits, including:

Low upfront cost with a lifetime warranty

Free software upgrades

24/7 in-house technical support

Full EMV support, including tip adjust on EMV

Free inventory/menu programming and training

Leading hardware and feature-rich software

Need help speeding up your quick service business?

In today's age of instant gratification, the last thing a business can do is make their customers wait. Talech's iPad POS System is built for speed, efficiency, and security. With the ability to process orders faster than any legacy POS system, your business is equipped to process high volume sales without system slowdown. Start running your quick service business on a smarter and quicker Point of Sale system.

Perfect for: Coffee shops, Food trucks, Delis, Drive-through, Icecream/Yogurt Shops

Talech's simple and intuitive interface allows you to set up quickly. With just a few taps you can take orders, accept payments, and manage your inventory.

Make Talech's iPad POS work for your business. Customize the software to function as though it were made for you.

ProCharge® is a robust, integrated payment platform designed to evolve with your business environment. It affords the utmost flexibility, capable of processing transactions via credit card terminals, mobile devices or an online virtual terminal – an in-house gateway with support for secure cardholder data storage and recurring billing. All transaction data automatically syncs between devices, effortlessly allowing access to data and the ability to process transactions anytime, anywhere. All ProCharge applications may be used as a stand-alone payment solution or as part of a fully-integrated processing system!

We've developed ProCharge+ for all types of users. It's so simple to setup and operate, everyone in your business will find it easy to use. Plus, we offer FREE in-house customer service and 24/7 technical support in the case you have questions or need assistance.

Most importantly, ProCharge+ has all of the security standards you've come to expect from your payment processor. ProCharge is PCI Compliant, meeting all security protocols, with a card reader that is secure and encrypted. Your business and customer data are always safe!

Low processing cost
Encrypted swiper
Supports multi-tender transactions
Email receipts
Integrated gift card program
Automatically syncs with ProCharge
Add items for quick sale
Next day funding and more!

Take your business everywhere!
ProCharge®+ instantly turns your mobile device into a handheld point of sale, enabling you to process payments, refund customers and reconcile sales anytime, anywhere. It’s the perfect solution for growing your business, driving sales and expanding your customer base without increasing your budget.

Managing your business has never been easier! All ProCharge applications automatically sync transaction data to ProCharge® Payment Gateway, constantly providing real-time activity and account updates; for example, if you have five team members processing ProCharge Mobile transactions, the activity will automatically update in your payment gateway. You don't have to do a thing! User-friendly virtual terminal Real-time reporting and activity details Recurring billing, e-invoicing and secure storage and processing of cardholder data

As a leading provider of innovative, integrated payment solutions, Ascend Payments supports EMV and contactless payments, such as Apple Pay™. We stock a wide array of affordable, state-of-the-art equipment, enabling merchants nationwide to accept the latest forms of payments and deliver faster, more secure transactions.


Ascend Payment Systems supports many specialty markets, including:



From "mom and pop" merchant locations to large multi-store chains, ASCEND PAYMENT SYSTEMS equips all retail merchants with the tools essential for growth and success.

Wireless Processing

Pest control operators, electrical contractors, bus companies, taxis and limos, trade shows, flea markets, mobile merchants, home-based businesses, landscapers and pizza restaurants are a select few of the myriad mobile locations that are increasingly accepting credit cards through a wireless terminal.


Supermarkets and other multi-lane retail locations with high traffic require dedicated services and equipment to ensure that transactions are completed securely and efficiently. ASCEND PAYMENT SYSTEMS can provide your business with a comprehensive multi-lane solution that bundles supermarket registration with full POS support and excellent processing fees.


Combine industry-low processing fees with full POS support, dial and IP/SSL solutions, and you''ll have the ultimate processing system for your restaurant.


With ASCEND PAYMENT SYSTEMS hotel and lodging services, you''ll be able to accept multiple forms of payment while utilizing a full lodging application including check-in, check-out, folio number, date, arrivals and departures.

Schools/Emerging Markets

Because credit cards are the most dominant form of non-cash payment, it is important for all business types to accept credit cards in order to accommodate customers and remain competitive. ASCEND PAYMENT SYSTEMS can provide payment services for all businesses, including schools, municipalities, government agencies, towns, cities, utilities and insurance.


ASCEND PAYMENT SYSTEMS offers a comprehensive Pay-at-the-Pump program with high speed authorizations and complete payment solutions that are fast, reliable and secure. We authorize and settle private label fuel cards such as FuelMan®, Wright Express® and Voyager®, enabling you to serve more customers and generate more revenue than ever before.

E-Commerce and Internet

From our online gateway solutions developed in-house to the ability to resell the Authorize.Net®, USAePAY, Bridgepay Networks, and other payment gateways, ASCEND PAYMENT SYSTEMS provides high volume e-commerce and Internet merchants with a stable and feature-rich processing environment.

Quick Service (QSR)

Quick Service is one of the fastest growing industry segments in the payments market today. An increasing number of consumers are using credit and debit cards for smaller purchases. Restaurants with an average ticket of under $15 qualify for Visa Small Ticket and MasterCard Convenience Pay Interchange rates and enhanced chargeback protection with relaxed signature rules. In addition, ASCEND PAYMENT SYSTEMS offers time saving technology like IP terminals and contactless card readers to reduce transaction times and increase merchant sales.


Is your specialty market not listed? Don't worry! ASCEND PAYMENT SYSTEMS partners with companies from all industries. Contact us today and we'll work with you to provide the best solution for your business.


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